Pernštejn Castle

General view of model

This is a paper model kit published by Betexa in their series "Castles and Chateaux in the Czech Republic" ("Hrady a Zámky České Republiky"). It comes as a stapled booklet 220x320mm containing

a cover sheet with one large and two small colour photographs of the finished model on one side, and six assembly line drawings on the other,
8 double size folded sheets of model parts, one of which has parts on only the left half, the right side being taken up by an advertisement for Betexa card games.
2 double size folded sheets of paper making 8 pages of text - assembly instructions and historical description of the castle - in three languages: Czech, German and English.

The model was published in 2005, and is to scale 1:300. The model construction is divided into three "blocks" A, B and C. Blocks A and B form the long entry way to the main castle, block C (divided into subblocks C1, C2, C3 and C4). Part numbering goes up to 181, but there are lots of chimneys (part 180) and supports for the jettied windows (part 181), so there are actually well over 300 separate components.

For my model, I scanned the pages and reduced them by 50%, making the scale 1:600.

Pernštejn Pernštejn
Pernštejn Pernštejn
Pernštejn Pernštejn from above