Prague Cathedral

General view of model

This is a paper model kit published by Betexa in their series "Castles and Chateaux in the Czech Republic" ("Hrady a Zámky České Republiky"). It is not a castle (!), but forms part of the Prague Castle complex. The model comes as a stapled booklet 220x320mm containing

a cover sheet with one large and two small colour photographs of the finished model and a small photograph of the original on one side, and four assembly line drawings on the other,
7 double size folded sheets of model parts, one of which also has two more photographs of the model.
2 double size folded sheets of paper making 8 pages of text - assembly instructions and historical description of the castle - in three languages: Czech, German and English.

The model was published in 2007, and is to scale 1:300. Part numbering goes up to 98, but there there is a lot of repetition in the buttresses in particular, so there are actually over 470 separate components. The model is designed so that is can be constructed in a simplified form, largely by omitting small buttresses and having flat-printed windows rather than recessed ones. This reduces the part count by around 120, but I didn't take this option.

For my model, I scanned the pages and reduced them by 50%, making the scale 1:600.

View from the south east View from the north west
View from the north east View from the south west
View from the west Top view