L'Instant Durable

Palais des Papes, Avignon

General view of model

This is a paper model kit published by L'Instant Durable in 1991, presented as a booklet size 310mm x 220mm (i.e. a little larger than A4). It contains:

a two-page description of the original in each of five languages, together with a good number of photographs of the building today plus some old engravings,
rather brief assembly instructions in six languages,
eight photographs of the finished model, one in black and white, the rest in colour, and
28 thin card sheets of model parts, with approximately 250 parts in all.

The model is in scale 1:300, and is described as making a model 48cm wide, 43cm deep and 21cm high.

For my model, I scanned the pages and reduced them by 50%, so that it now fits on an A4 sheet. This relieves pressure on my display space a great deal, and made the construction more interesting.

Overall Views

West elevation North west view
North elevation North east view
East elevation South east view
South elevation South west view

West view, for scale East view, for scale


Main entrance Entrance ramp
Chapel of Benedict XII West front, Palais Vieux
Great court, Palais Neuf Great court, Palais Neuf
Great court, Palais Neuf Cloister, Palais Vieux

If you have a copy of the model, and are about to start construction, you may possibly find my notes useful. They are rather nit-picking though, so are unlikely to be of any interest to the casual reader.