L'Instant Durable

Palais des Papes, Avignon

Construction Notes

Most walls and many horizontal surfaces were backed with thicker card to reduce warpage. The construction of the walls with numerous recesses does seem to lend itself to twisting, so card applied to the back of the recesses helps keep things stable. I also added card cross frames to the gabled roofs, which otherwise are unsupported and tend to sag or buckle.

The assembly sequence is covered rather sketchily in the instructions. The model is divided into 24 lettered subassemblies, each with numbered parts. One is advised to construct all the subassemblies in alphabetic order, then assemble them in the same order, with the exception of the cloister Q which should be added "before ... I, J and R". In fact, I found it much harder to install the Grand Court (S and T), even though I put off fitting its East range (L, M, N, O and P) in order to maintain some access. Access would presumably be rather easier for a full-size model, but on the other hand it would be even more unwieldy than mine.

Adding the surroundings last did lead to some fit problems, but these were mainly as a result of assembly tolerances in the main building, and were nearly all minor. The only significant change I had to make which might be blamed on the original kit was to the North end (part W1), which didn't fit at all well against the Chapel, assembly G.


My model is almost "out of the box", except for minor adjustments to deal with fit problems.

The only change I made was to the top of the "Tour Saint-Jean", assembly K (the small square tower projecting from the middle of the East front). This has a stairway just printed on, and I felt it would be nice to have it properly recessed, so drew a suitable part and painted it with textures from the rest of the model.

Stair development

Now the model is finished, I am not entirely sure it was worth bothering as it is so small, but I know it is there even if nobody else notices!


Please note that most of these errors are extremely minor, and do not detract significantly from what is an excellent model.

A24 The tab marked "A1" is unnecessary (and indeed unusable), since part A1 is already glued firmly to A3 at that point.
C3 The tab on the left side of the right-hand recess should be white (i.e. not folded at all), rather than blue.
D17 The funny-shaped blue tab at top left should in fact be part of the visible roof, and should be brownish, like the trapezium top right.
E3 The tabs are incorrectly labelled: E1A should be E1B, E1B should be E1C, etc. The acute corner goes next to the main part of E1.
E4 The tab at the left, marked D5, and the adjacent white piece need to be trimmed to the bottom of the printed archway (i.e. where the white section is marked "D8". Otherwise it conflicts with the top of part D6 assembled behind D5.
F2 On the right-hand side white section (adjacent to the blue tab labelled F1A) there is a narrow strip tapering at the bottom, next to two "E2" markings. This strip is visible in the finished model, and should be coloured to match the adjacent wall.
H2 The tab marked "G10" should say "Q10".
I10 The turn-over inside section should have a slot cut at the bend, to allow it to be turned in (c.f. part F4, for example).
J5 The tab at the end marked "J3" partially blocks the slot cut in J3 to receive the tab on L1, so needs a cutout at that point.
J10 There is no part with this number, but apparently nothing missing from the model as a result.
L3 The label "coller ici L3" should say "coller ici L4".
N6 There should be a short (~3.5mm) slot at the top in line with the pencil line on the back, to engage with the top of the opening in N1.
N8 All the blue tabs except that labelled "N1W" should be yellow, and bent upwards.
Q1 This needs to be folded back slightly along the vertical line at the right-hand end labelled "Q3". The bottom (stiffening) tab must be cut back to this line.
R1 The white locating area for R10 should only extend rightwards as far as the edge of the door - the remainder is visible next to the "descending" stairs printed on S8.
R6 The end tab labelled "E1" should be yellow, not white.
S6 As printed, this does not fit the white area on part S5. The bottom is cut off square, but the white area is pointed, indicating there should be an angled triangular bottom section.
V12 The small tab at the top left marked "V16" should read "V13". [The tab at top right, also marked "V16" is correct.]
W1 The tabs at lower left marked "W4" and "W3" should both read "W4". The spacing of the cutouts for the buttresses on G1 and G2 does not agree at all well with those parts, and had to be moved by up to a millimetre or so. The right-hand end needed adjustment to avoid a gap with tower F2.