L'Instant Durable

Stephansdom, Wien

Complete model

This is a paper model kit published by L'Instant Durable in 2005, presented as a booklet size 310mm x 220mm (i.e. a little larger than A4). It contains:

a two-page description of the original in each of four languages (German, French, English and Italian), together with a number of photographs of the building plus some old engravings,
rather brief assembly instructions in the same four languages,
28 thin card sheets of model parts, with approximately 480 parts in all. Most pages contain small diagrams or photographs to help with construction.
one folded sheet for a base 440mm x 310mm.

The model is in scale 1:250, and is described as making a model 44cm wide, 29cm deep and 55cm high.

As far as I can tell, this is the first major new model in the L'Instant Durable range for over five years, and probably the first to use computer graphics. My first reaction on opening the book was shock - the graphics are very crisp and detailed, but lack something of the human feel of the older hand-coloured models. Over the build process, though, I have become used to it and have appreciated the detail more and more.

For my model, I scanned the pages and reduced them by 50%. This relieves pressure on my display space a great deal, and makes the construction more interesting. A disappointing result of the scanning process has been that small differences in the wall colour in the original model have been accentuated. This is particularly marked on the nave walls, which have come out much brighter and more yellow than the remainder. My printer has also introduced some colour banding, particularly noticeable on the large pink panel on the south side of the chevet roof. When viewing the photographs, please remember that these problems are my fault, and not that of the publishers.

Overall Views

South front East end
North east view North west view
West end View from the south west


South wall of nave South wall of chevet
North wall of chevet North wall of nave
North tower
South tower Spire on south tower