Catedral de Palma de Mallorca

Complete model

The Spanish publisher Ediciones Merino produces a good number of paper models, many of them in the "Collección Grandes Monumentos" - large buildings. This is a model of the cathedral in La Palma on Mallorca, a massive, relatively undecorated building with small windows and low-pitched roofs typical of southern Europe.

The model comes as a stapled booklet 240x320mm containing 24 pages of parts on thin card and 16 pages of text and assembly diagrams on paper, all in a glossy cover bearing two large photographs of the finished model. The text - historical description, general modelling instructions and detailed assembly description - all comes in four languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French. There are just over 290 parts to assemble.

I scanned the pages as usual, to make a reduced-size model, but I made a mistake in not noticing that the quoted scale is 1:275 rather than 1:300. I printed the pages at half size, so it has come out at 1:550 rather than my normal 1:600.

North west view North east view
West view South east view
East view Flying buttress