Frauenkirche Dresden

General view of model

This is a paper model kit published by Schreiber. It comes as a shrink-wrapped pack of sheets, 220mm by 320mm:

a cover sheet with a large colour photograph of the finished model and a smaller one of the original building on one side. The other side contains the building instructions in German.
one double-size sheet, centre folded. One half contains the model base to be laminated on 1mm thick card, the other has photographic assembly diagrams. The reverse side has further assembly drawings and the majority of the English building instructions on one half, and a description of the building in German on the other.
a second double-size sheet with model parts on one side, and the description of the building in English on the other.
a third sheet of parts, part of which is taken up with the remainder of the assembly instructions in English.
four further sheets of parts.
1mm cardboard for lamination.

The model is in scale 1:300, and has a rather small footprint - approximately 200x180mm, though the baseplate is a little larger - but is very tall at 340mm. The parts are organised into groups 1 to 255, with letter suffixes within each group. There are approximately 320 parts in all.

For my model, I scanned the pages and reduced them by 50%, making it approximately 90mm wide by 100 mm deep by 170mm high. This meant that I couldn't use the supplied strengthening cardboard, so had to provide my own 0.5mm thick.

I made two significant changes to the model. First, the apse has a conical roof which meets the adjacent aisle roofs in complex curves which I couldn't get to work, so I recalculated the shapes and patched up the artwork to suit. Second, the pavilion on top of the dome has no thickness to its open arches, so I added an interior part and linings for the arches.

Finished Model

Southwest view Southeast view
North view Low east view
Low south view North view