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Jawa 125 Police Motorcycle

Jawa 125

Jawa was formed in 1929 when František Janeček took over the motorcycle interests of the German company Wanderer - the name combines JAneček and WAnderer. It went on to become the major motorcycle manufacturer in Czechoslovakia, making the whole range of motorcycles from road bikes to competition models, particularly for speedway, dirt track and ice racing.

This model represents the 125cc model, adapted for use by Prague municipal police. It carries emergency lights and very large top and side boxes for equipment, and a striking green and white colour scheme, but otherwise is a fairly standard Jawa 125.

The model was published in 2005. It is scaled 1:15, so I enlarged it by 7% to 1:14. The drawing is much finer than that found in earlier models, but is not a lot more accurately drawn. The fuel tank, side covers, seat and equipment boxes in particular needed a good deal of adjustment. The sometimes rather sketchy instructions and tiny assembly diagrams did not help. It was interesting to find that the model photographed for the magazine article had the wrapper of the top box, and both side boxes, installed back-to-front. I wasn't the only one to have trouble with the instructions! As usual there were also parts to be made from wood and wire, which I mostly made from rolled paper. Also as usual, the wheels are slab-sided, with spokes printed on - I provided proper spokes.

Front right Left side
Rear left Front left