Akira O

This web site, titled "Palm-sized Paper Models Gallery" is apparently run by a Japanese gentleman named Akira O, and contains photographs of many vehicle models designed by him. It has been in existence for some years, but was redesigned in 2017 and now contains several pdf files of model parts as well as the photographs of the completed models. Among the dozen or so models listed in November 2017, six are motorcycles, and three have kits available - two small Hondas and a Harley-Davidson Hummer.

In December 2017 four new models appeared, including two more Honda motorcycles. However, the motorcycle kits were quickly withdrawn - first the new ones, and then all the Hondas. No explanation was given at first, but later comments suggest that someone (perhaps Honda themselves or maybe a model manufacturer) has claimed exclusive rights to produce such models in Japan, and has required him to desist.

Late in 2018 the car models have also been withdrawn without comment.

First three models Monkey Super Cub Dio

Fourthe model Hummer