Akira O

Honda Super Cub C100

Honda Super Cub

The Honda Super Cub was designed to be a simple and reliable motorcycle with global appeal. It took some design features from the popular motor scooters of the time - low "step-through" chassis, smooth fairings concealing the engine and other mechanical components and protecting the rider from wind and dirt. However, it retained some characteristics of more conventional motorcycles, in particular large spoked wheels and a central frame mounted engine, to make it suitable for poor roads in developing countries. The line continues to the current time, having reached 100 million sales by October 2017.

The model represents the original C100 version from 1958. People from the United Kingdom and the United States may not recognise the "Super Cub" name, as in both places it was known simply as the "Honda 50" because of prior trade marks using the terms "Cub" or "Super Cub".

The model as published is to the scale 1:11, but as usual I reduced it to 1:14. I made few changes to the model, apart from making entirely new thread-spoked wheels.

Left side Right side
Front right Front left
Rear left Rear right