Atelier Fare

This Japanese site contains a range of different subjects, presumably the interests of the owner. One is paper modelling, and there are some models available - food, insects and figurines. In August 2009 s/he added a fantasy motorcycle conceived as a futuristic police bike.

By 2022 this web site appears to be defunct.

Fantasy Police Motorcycle

Fantasy Police Motorcycle

The kit consists of:

six zip files, each containing two 250dpi JPEG parts pages
an HTML page with 40 construction photographs and instruction text in Japanese

The subject is a fairly conventional big bike with a few major quirks. The engine is an enormous V-twin, mounted horizontally with the cylinders vertically stacked. This drives a single cantilever trailing arm rear suspension, the arm concealing a shaft drive. More radically, the front suspension is on twin massive leading arms and there is no conventional front fork steering. Instead the wheel is steered by (presumably hydraulic) actuators in the ends of the suspension arms, controlled remotely by the handlebars. This could be made to work I suppose, but would seem to add major chunks of unsprung weight to the front, which isn't usually too desirable.

The reason I was interested in this model was the fact that the tyres are designed with multiple radial "petals", rather than the usual collection of conical and cylindrical annular sections. This gives a truly rounded tyre profile rather than the rather angular result normally seen.

No scale is given, but the instructions conclude with the comment that the finished model is approximately 270mm long. Comparing the proportions with some of the comparable Yamaha models, this would suggest a scale a little smaller than the Yamahas. To make the final model similar to my half-sized Yamahas, I settled on printing at 55%, to give a model nearly 150mm long.

Left side Right side
Front right Front left
Rear left Rear right