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Harley-Davidson Model 6 (1910)

H-D Model 6

This motorcycle, produced in 1910, takes an intermediate form between the early (1904-1908) motorised bicycles and the classic motorcycles of the 1920s. It still has the leather belt drive and bicycle-pedal starting system of the early years, but has already lost much of the ad hoc nature of the ancillary equipment, and has gained a certain elegance. Four models were produced in 1910 - all singles, with combinations of battery or magneto ignition and 28" or 26" wheels. The paper model represents the version with magneto ignition and 28" wheels (Model 6A), but has additional parts to construct the battery ignition Model 6.

The kit consists of two PDF files:

a 20-page file of parts,
a 10-page file of instructions (in English only).

The scale is 1:7, producing a model approximately 300mm x 80mm x 150mm (12" x 3" x 6"). There are about 370 parts. My build was to half this scale, to match the rest of my motorcycle models, and is of the battery ignition Model 6.

Right side Front right
Front left Right side
Rear left Front Right

Parts Instructions
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