Louis Lopez (Loudog)

Walz Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia

Louis was (is?) a member of the PaperModelers.com forum, and designed this superb model in 2009/2010. The original is a one-off special built by the German motorcycle constructor Marcus Walz. It was built as an entry for a television competition programme "Biker Build-Off", and named after the 1000 mile journey across the United States needed to deliver the bike to the contest location.

The kit is a PDF file with 24 pages of parts, and a separate 65-page(!) set of graphical instructions. It can be found here in 9 different colours or a lines only version. The original was painted very dark grey, so this was the version I chose, though some of the wild colours were quite tempting.

The scale is approximately 1:5.5 (like the large "Ultra-Realistic" Yamaha models) giving a model 18"x6"x7" (450mm x 150mm x 175mm). I printed everything off at 39% to give me 1:14. The model was superbly designed, and gave very little trouble, beyond what you would expect for such high detail at a small scale.

Rear right Front right
Left Front left
Right side of engine Left side of engine
Right side of rear wheel Left side of rear wheel
Right side of front wheel

Updated November 2021