This web site is owned by Julius Perdana (aka Julescrafter), a graphic designer from Jakarta. Since 2008 he has been designing a wide range of models at a prodigious rate for free download. They include aircraft, military and civilian vehicles, figures, buildings and much more, including a lot of rather quirky things.

Vespa 150

Vespa 150

The kit consists of:

a 14-page PDF file of parts,
22 computer-generated exploded views annotated with part numbers to assist with assembly.

The prototype of the model appears to be a custom paint job applied to a 1966 Vespa 150 GT, as seen here. There are minor discrepancies from that version, most noticeably that the model has a circular headlamp, while the original should be trapezoidal (though this is not apparent in the photograph).

Jules has been rather shy about the scale of the model, presumably because he constructed it by eye from the photograph, and so feels that it is more an impression than a scale model. I made an estimate of the model's wheelbase from the PDF file, and came up with around 1:6.5, which was confirmed by "Batidores" on Modelismo en Papel when he built the model. Accordingly I printed the pages at 46% of original size, to give my usual 1:14. The result is just about 120mm overall length, which is perhaps a little closer to 1:15 than 1:14.

Although Jules implies that he does not attempt to construct the models himself in paper, but merely as CGI, the model went together remarkably well. The main tricky areas were the handlebar/headlamp assembly and the bulbous covers over the rear wheel. For the latter I chose to use the plain red versions supplied, not the "Union Jack" ones which match the original photograph. I also chose to omit some of the rather overdone chromework of the GT model.

Right side Front right
Front left Left side
Rear left Right rear

Updated November 2021