Suzuki GSX-R750

Suzuki GSX-R750

Suzuki introduced this "sport bike" in 1985, as a street-legal version of its racing motorcycles, and still produces a model with this name, though much developed since the early versions.

The model was designed by Ladislav Jakubčo and published in a collection of 31 models by this designer, by the publisher Perfekt in Slovakia. No scale is given in the book, but the model has also been published in Fifik magazine, and is described there as being 1:12. Accordingly, I scaled it by approximately 86%, to get my standard scale of 1:14. The result is a little small to my eye, so the quoted scale is probably just a rough guide. Judging by the colour scheme, the model appears to be based on the 1986 version, though it is far from being an accurate scale model.

The model appears at first sight to be quite finely and accurately drawn, but on closer inspection the fit turns out to be rather approximate, very much in the Czech/Slovak tradition. I redrew quite a few body parts to achieve reasonable fit and symmetry. The wheels also needed some work, especially the spokes which had to be expanded by nearly 1mm all round to fit inside the rims.

An oddity in the artwork is the "SACS" logo on the rear side panels. This should read


but is given as


which isn't the same thing at all. I corrected this for my model, though it isn't really readable at my scale.

Front left Front right
Rear left Rear right