Akira O

Harley-Davidson Hummer


From 1948 to 1966 Harley-Davidson produced a series of single-cylinder two-stroke 125cc (later 165cc and 175cc) lightweight motorcycles. These, like the Yamaha YA-1 and the SHL M-04 and several others, were based on the pre-war DKW RT125 design. These were given several model names, including the "Hummer" which was a very basic 125cc version produced from 1955 to 1959. This name has more recently come to be used loosely to refer to the whole range. The model does not appear to be based on the true Hummer, but is closest to the Model 165, the first 165cc version produced between 1953 and 1959.

The model as published is to the scale 1:11, but as usual I reduced it to 1:14. I redrew the tubular frame to make it a little easier to construct, and also the tank and fenders which were rather coarsely faceted. Then I decided to redo the engine, and also (as usual) the spoked wheels, plus another few bits and pieces. All in all I ended up using almost none of the original parts, but the design is still definitely Akira O's, so he deserves any credit due.

Left side Right side
Front right Front left
Rear left Rear right