Kawasaki 750-RS (Z2) Motorcycle

Kawasaki 750-RS

Yet another Kawasaki model published on the web by Kozin. It consists solely of a Pepakura model file totalling 12 pages of parts. The only help with assembly is the the 3D drawing in Pepakura - Kozin does not appear to have built the model himself. The design follows quite closely that of the very similar Z400, so experience building that came in very useful.

The first CG rendering of part of the 750-RS was put up in August 2010, with more complete versions appearing in December and January 2011. A PDO file appeared in May, but there has been no addition since then. When I obtained the file in 2011 I tried to produce a vector PDF file of the parts for processing, but Pepakura crashed on me (a bitmap print worked fine, though). It was not until a new version (3.0.5) of Pepakura Viewer came available in April 2013 that I was able to generate the vector output and proceed.

From the model size as indicated by Pepakura and dimensions of the original obtained through web searches, the scale appears to be a little larger than for the Z400, about 1:8. I have as usual scaled it to 1:14.

I discarded the wheels supplied altogether, and constructed my own, with thread spokes and balloon tyres. Otherwise the model is pretty much as Kozin intended in 3D, though a lot of parts had to be redesigned in 2D to make them constructable.

Left side Rear right
Rear left Right side
Front left Front right

Updated November 2021