Kawasaki GPz750 Motorcycle

Kawasaki GPz750

Following on from the GPz250 I decided to have a go at its bigger brother the GPz750. There are many similarities between the two, both in the original bike and in the model but of course the 750 is bigger and stronger to cope with the greatly increased power available.

The model is presented solely as a Pepakura model file totalling 8 pages of parts, and the only help with assembly is the the 3D drawing in Pepakura and a single small photograph of the completed model.

From the model size as indicated by Pepakura and dimensions of the original obtained through web searches, the scale appears to be quite close to the "approximately 1:8" stated on his web site. I have as usual scaled it to 1:14.

As with the 250, quite a few parts needed modification to allow reasonable construction quality, as the flattening algorithm in Pepakura sometimes gives rather strange results.

Right side Rear right
Rear left Left side
Front left Front right

The two together.

Right side Rear right

Created February 2022