Kawasaki Mach III 750 Motorcycle

Kawasaki Mach III

This is a free kit published on the web by Kozin. As built it consisted of:

a 16-page PDF file of parts for a blue version of the model,
five 2-page PDF files containing the coloured parts for black, green, red, white and yellow versions,
a 17-page PDF instruction manual with assembly diagrams annotated in Japanese.

More recently it has been reworked and retitled as 750-SS, and comes as a compressed Pepakura file. Two versions are available, one "gold" and one blue.

The model is described as not being strictly to scale, but approximately 1:8.

I printed my version at half size, i.e. approximately 1:16. This makes the model approximately 150mm (6in) long and 95mm (4in) high. Some of the tinier gluing tabs had to be sacrificed, and a few parts had to be redrawn to achieve a reasonable fit, but the majority of the build follows the original kit quite closely. The major change I made was to the wheels, using thread for the wire spokes instead of the very oversize paper cutouts in the kit.

I confess that by the time the model was nearing completion I was getting rather weary of it, and some of the last details to be added leave a little to be desired (well, a lot, actually). I just couldn't face going back and remaking them, possibly several times.

Right side view Left side view
Front right quarter Front left quarter

Front right view Rear left view
Front left quarter Rear view

Updated November 2021