Kawasaki Z400 Motorcycle

Kawasaki Z400

This is the fourth free motorcycle kit published on the web by Kozin. It consists solely of a Pepakura model file totalling 10 pages of parts. The only help with assembly is the the 3D drawing in Pepakura plus a few rather small photographs of Kozin's initial build.

The first CG rendering of the Z400 was put up in October 2009, with more refined versions appearing in March 2010. A PDO file appeared in May, and an updated one in June. Photographs of the physical build were added in July and August 2010, but there has been no addition since then.

From the model size as indicated by Pepakura and dimensions of the original obtained through web searches, the scale appears to be close to 1:8.5. I have therefore scaled it to approximately 60%, to match my usual nominal scale of 1:14.

The build has been very time consuming, as the parts sheets all needed processing (in Inkscape) to make them comprehensible, and a lot of the parts had to be redrawn to make them practicable. Also there has been a good deal of pondering over how things fit together.

I discarded the wheels supplied altogether, and constructed my own, with thread spokes and balloon tyres.

Right side Front right
Front left Left side
Rear left Rear right

Updated November 2021