MT-10 model

A fourth model in the "Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts" series, released in December 2016.

Slightly differently from the previous three "Ultra" models it comes in three volumes, each consisting of a PDF parts file and a PDF assembly instruction file. In all there are 47 pages of parts, with just over 900 separate parts.

From the evidence of this model it appears that the MT-10 and the YZF-R1M (the previous year's paper model) are very largely cosmetic variations on the same basic motorcycle. The frame, rear arm, engine, cooling system and much of the exhaust are virtually identical. This is true for the models as well, though the breakdown of the frame and rear arm into paper pieces has been significantly reworked for the newer model, making them rather easier to construct.

I have built the model at 39% of the original size, so that it comes out the same scale as all my other motorcycle models, i.e. 1:14. It is mostly built from the supplied parts as intended, with only a few minor amendments to fix obvious glitches or to make the construction possible in my small scale. The main change is to the tyres, to give a more rounded appearance.

Finished Model

Right front quarter Left front quarter
Left side Left rear quarter
Right view Right rear quarter