Seven Yamaha motorcycles VMAX YZF-R1 XJR1300 DSC11 SR400 TMAX Original YZR-M1

Yamaha started a series of "Realistic Paper Craft" in 1998, of motor cycles from their range of products. They are quite large, making models around 300mm (12in) long and 200mm (8in) high. Descriptions of the process of designing these models which have appeared in the past have implied that the models are not strictly to scale, but adjusted to give a convincing visual impression. Nevertheless, they appear to be close to 1:7 (though 1:6 is often quoted).

In order of original release the models are:

First three releases VMAX YZF-R1 XJR1300

Second three releases DSC11 SR400 TMAX

Third three releases YZR-M1 Original YZR-M1 Reissue YZR-M1 Commemorative Livery YZ450FM

Tenth release YZF-R1 2007

Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts

In 2006, a new series of even larger-scale models (1:5.5) was introduced:

First three Ultra releases MT-01 VMAX YZF-R1M

Last two Ultra releases MT-10 YA-1

Motor Sports World

In 2013, a new series of scenes of motor sport was started, the first showing a Moto GP race with a new model of the YZR-M1. This is to the same scale as the "ultra-realistic" models, but with rather fewer parts. A further scene "Rally" came out in 2014, with two motorcycles - XT850R and YZ450F - associated with the Dakar Rally.

Motor Sport YZR-M1 2013 XTZ850R YZ450F

In June 2018, just six months after the release of the YA-1 in prominent celebration of the completion of 20 years of the Yamaha Paper Craft web site, it was announced that they would close the site at the end of September 2018. Sadly this was carried through, and these models are no longer available from the official site.