SR400 model

This model was released in October 2002. It is a somewhat smaller and lighter vehicle than the previous ones, making a pleasant change.

The model is made as supplied, except for being printed at half size, making the overall dimensions approximately 150mm long by 50mm wide by 90mm high. The "wire" spokes in the wheels are much lighter and more faithful to the original in form, and give a quite acceptable illusion.

Left front quarter Left rear quarter

In 2023, some 20 years after making this model, I decided to revisit it with (I hope) improved skills. The main changes were to use thread to form the wire spokes of the wheels and to change the many rather polygonised circular parts on the engine and lights into true circles. I also chose to replace to original black fuel tank, saddle and side covers with one of the 53(!) different ones published in 2008 to celebrate 30 years of the SR400. I picked the red version from 1983.

Left side Left front quarter
Right rear quarter Right front quarter
Right side Left rear quarter