Two VMAX models

First released in 1997 or early 1998, this appears not to have been a great success. It was replaced by a new and much improved version in October 1998, which is still available. The basic design did not change, but the artwork of the new version is much finer - the old one has a much blockier appearance, with thick fold lines and flat shading. Parts layout on the sheets is much better, with assemblies grouped together, and much more space around them. The instructions were also redesigned, with clear perspective diagrams indicating the assembly sequence, and more photographs of the part-completed model. The new style of both parts and assembly sheets is the basis for all the subsequent models.

I first made this model in 2002, not long after having restarted paper modelling after many years' gap. Later, having made all the other models then available, all but one at half size, I returned to it and made a new half-size version. For the new model I modified the wheels slightly to allow a cut-out spoke pattern instead of the simple printed one.

Left side view Left front quarter
Right side view Right rear quarter
Scale indicator