YZF-R1M model

This is the third model in the "Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts" series, released in December 2015. Like the first two it is very large, and has very many parts.

Also as for the other two models it comes in in five separate volumes, each consisting of a PDF parts file and a PDF assembly instruction file. Several of these files have been updated one or more times since first release, to correct errors, mostly minor.

File Pages Assembly Pages Parts
1 7 Front Cowl 4 47
Under Cowl 3 32
2 8 Steering 4 82
Fuel Tank 2.6 13
Intake 1.4 21
3 10 Engine 5.6 108
Radiator 1.9 61
Exhaust Pipes 2.5 85
4 13 Frame 8 76
Footrests 1 27
Side Stand 0.5 20
Rear Arm 3.5 63
5 16 Seat 0.4 4
Seat Cowl 2.6 35
Tail 1 23
Front Wheel 2.2 49
Front Tire 2.9 39
Rear Brake 0.5 14
Rear Wheel 2.1 53
Rear Tire 3.3 39
Stand 1 23
Total 54 54 914

In the description of this model, Yamaha give a comparison between the previous "Ultra-Realistic" model, the VMAX, and the original "Realistic" VMAX from 1998. This gives the "Ultra" scale as "Approximately 1:5.5", which is what I have been using all along. This is slightly compromised by their then giving the scale of the "Realistic" model as approxiamtely 1:6. However, they give overall lengths of 44cm and 35cm for the two models, which works out at 1:6.9 for the older model, close to my normal assumption of 1:7, so I am assuming that "1:6" is either a typo or rounding carelessly.

I have built the model 39% of the original size, so that it comes out the same scale as all my other Yamaha motorcycle models, i.e. 1:14.

I came across a fair number of mistakes in the parts, mostly minor, though three or four requiring significant surgery to achieve a satisfactory fit. The problems were certainly nowhere near as great as with the "Motor Sport" models released in 2013 and 2014.

I made one major change to the model. The tyres as provided are each made in three 120° chunks plugged together, and to my eye look pretty awful. I redrew the tyres to use a 360° "petal" construction instead.

Finished Model

Right front quarter Left front quarter
Left side Left rear quarter
Right view Right rear quarter