YZF-R1 2007 Version

YZF-R1 model

This model, released in November 2007, returns to the scale of the "Realistic" series, and represents the current version of the motorcycle previously modelled in 1999.

The model is somewhat more complex than previous "Realistic" ones, having 312 parts as opposed to the 225 or so for the most complex previous model, and 170 for the old YZF-R1. It also has a number of errors, some minor, some major, as listed in my notes.

Construction Photographs

Finished Model

Right front quarter Front view
Left side Left rear quarter
Rear view Right rear quarter

The two YZF-R1s together. The 1999 and 2007 versions of the prototype differ quite a bit, but show a strong family resemblance. The newer model design is a good deal more sophisticated, as one would hope with eight years more experience.

Two YZF-R1s Two YZF-R1s